As we open our doors Wednesday (to outside dining weather permitting) and Thursday (Indoor and Outdoor), we do so with excitement and caution.
The rules laid out for us are challenging, but we are determined to make it work for our establishment.

Your dining experience at JHT will look different. The rules that the powers that be have set forth demands these changes to our industry, and we will follow these rules to the letter, with the very livelihood of the bar at stake for those that violate those rules.

So, we need your help.

We ask that you Social Distance yourself from others/other groups.

Masks are not mandatory for patrons, but encouraged upon entering and exiting the premises.

ALL SERVICE will take place at your table. Bars are closed for both liquor and food service. You may order those items through your server at your table.

ALL AREAS not being used for table service or food preparation are OFF LIMITS. These areas Grass Area, Closed table sections, and spaces BETWEEN TABLES.

We ask that you CALL AHEAD during peak times. Tables of 6 to 10 (maximum table capacity) may make reservations, and all others are on a first come, first served basis. Our waiting area is now our parking lot or picnic table area, with your phone as your alert device.

We will provide a clean, sanitary environment as we always have, with extra precautions added to assure disinfecting is happening constantly.

We have socially distanced our tables, and we have added seating near and on the stage. Unfortunately, gatherings for music is not yet permitted, so all bands have been cancelled until further notice.

We have paired our menu down to attempt to assure consistent pricing and availability.

We will be posting alerts on our FACEBOOK PAGE regarding seating availability, news, specials, and general restaurant information.

Our New Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Friday, 4 PM to 10 PM
Saturday Noon to 10 PM
Sunday Noon to 9 PM

We will continue to be closed on major holidays. We will be closed on Monday, Memorial Day.

Enough of the rules and regulations, Inmates. Come on out. Relax. Have fun. We’ll take care of the rest.